Sanatorium “Cosmos”

Sanatorium-preventorium “Cosmos” is located in Shishkinskiy pine forest in the national park of Lower Kama, on Kriusha riverside that is tributary of Kama river, in 7 km from millennial city Elabuga. Sanatorium “Cosmos” offers comfortable three-storey buildings. Meals on customized menu.

Sanatorium-preventorium “Cosmos”

Such services are additionally available:

  • Conference-hall: 154/75 seats
  • Banquet hall: 100/100 seats
  • Equipment: conference hall with video projector
  • Business center: Fax, Copier, Communications, Intercity communication
  • Library
  • Medical room
  • Transport: Taxi, Guarded parking

Sanatorium “Cosmos”Medical profile of the sanatorium:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Diseases of musculoskeletal system
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Diseases of circulatory system
  • General therapy
  • Pediatrics

Diagnosis and treatment:

  • Ultrasound diagnostics of internal organs, six-channel electrocardiograph
  • “Valenta”, computer complex “BOS”.
  • Carbonic dry baths “Reoboks”, SPA-Alpha-capsule 2012, physiotherapy,
  • Paraffin-ozokeritotherapy, hand massage, sauna with swimming pool,
  • Department of hydrotherapy (baths, showers).


  • Address: 423630 Elabuga, Tanaysky forest, 7 km.
  • Tel: (85557) 2-77-68, 2-75-20, 2-71-69
  • Fax: (85557) 2-75-20

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