Monument to buzzer and postman

One of new Elabuga monuments is a sculptural composition that represent full-length a buzzer and postman, made of bronze and placed on the oldest Elabuga street. Sculptural composition “Buzzer and postman” is the unique in the world. It is devoted to workers of communications field

Monument to buzzer and postman in Elabuga city

Opening of the memorial “Buzzer and postman” and celebration of 800 thousands subscriber of the network OJSC “Tattelecom” were time to celebration of Elabuga’s 1000 years. On the composition there is a girl-postman standing near her bicycle, and buzzer in skullcap climbing on a pole to repair a lantern. The author is Elabuga sculptor V. Demchenko. The monument was installed on August 22, 2007 


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