City of treatment for the soul. (Alla Orekhova)

Articles:: Myths of the Elabuga city

"Devils ancient settlement" fount of myths

Devil’s fort” – this is the name of a place on high Kama bank where restored stone tower – symbol of Elabuga – is placed. So why “Devil’s fort”? There are several curious legends as answer for this question.

And in the southwest Vostochka

Elabuga is an amazing city, which creates legends, myths, gives strange and illogical names to its streets and areas from nothing, from the air even in our time. One of these modern “legends” is the whole new part of Elabuga – the “Vostochka”.

And why Fools Corner?

On the map of modern Elabuga you won’t find the place “Fools Corner”, however – all local residents can easily show it to you. This corner is located at the intersection of Neftyanik (Oilmen) Avenue (formerly Communist str.) with Stroiteley (Builders) str. Practically it is the centre of new Elabuga, buses and cars going in the historic (old) part of Elabuga and back in general pass through this crossroads.

Miraculous blinding of Pugachev

One of Elabuga myths says that our city that has undergone to siege of troops during the Peasants' War led by Emelyan Pugachev (1773-1775), was miraculously rescued from pillage and destruction due to the fact that Pugachev suddenly gone blind near Elabuga.

Myth and legends of name city.

The name Alabuga or Elabuga (in its Russian variant of pronunciation) refers us to pre–Mongol period of life, to the flourishing construction of cities in Middle Volga and Lower Kama regions.